Computer security


Unfortunately, anti-virus protection today is essential. Every day, a dozen new viruses (virii?) are unleashed on us. If you don’t already have anti-virus protection installed you are taking a terrible risk of getting infected.

There are plenty of good anti-virus programs out there…some free, but mostly you have to pay.

If you are looking for a good free AV program, I heartily recommend AVG Free. It’s easy to install in seconds. After that, it will automatically update its list of virus signatures as often as you set it to. I make my AV program update every day. That way I am as up-to-date as possible against any new viruses.

But just because you have AV protection, don’t get complacent with your data. Make sure you back up everything on your hard disk to another hard disk at least once a week. Go out and buy a spare hard disk with a USB plug. Then plug it in and copy everything over to the new hard disk. It’s that simple. Even with 1 terabyte of files you should be able to back everything up within one hour or less.

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