About us

AcesWebs has over 100 years experience in business IT

Mike and his team have more than 100 man-years of experience between them in the IT and Telecoms business. He has designed and built computer systems for companies in the travel, real estate, manufacturing and other businesses. As an example, Mike and his team designed a complete system for Silver Rain Co., a manufacturer of artificial flowers that automated the manufacturing, export ordering, stock control, and accounting systems.

They have also automated the design and ordering system for one of the world’s largest construction companies, Thai Konoike Construction. The project took 10 months to complete, and involved finding the best software for their requirements, then sourcing and installing the hardware that included large blueprint scanners. The resulting system allowed the company to cut the time to produce a construction costing from weeks to minutes.

Need a business application?

No matter what your needs, AcesWebs has the expertise and knowledge to provide a cost effective solution.

We can conduct a system analysis, report our findings with suggested solutions, and then work with you to choose the most cost effective way to get the job done.

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