Cut Your Company Phone Bills

We offer a couple of solutions, depending on your needs. If you are just using your computer at home or the office and you want to chat with friends or colleagues, then Skype is a great way to go.

Skype has taken the world by storm over the last few years. And with each upgrade it just gets better. The first big advantage to using Skype is that you can chat with video vision as well, absolutely free over the Internet to anyone else who also has Skype installed. The person you want to talk to doesn’t have Skype? No problem. For a very low fee you can call their phone over Skype as well.

If you aren’t already using Skype, why not? Do we have to drag you kicking and screaming into the 21st Century too?

VOIP office phone system

VOIP, or Voice over IP is the latest technology that uses the internet to transmit telephone conversations. Instead of using costly fixed copper lines to run your office phone system, VOIP offers an extremely cost-effective solution instead.

Did you know…..?

  • Australia is about to experience a “VoIP Revolution” over next five years.
  • Your customers are becoming increasingly aware of Hosted Solutions and are asking questions.
  • The Government are aware as demonstrated through $35 Billion investment in NBN.
  • Recent research from OVUM confirms that there are currently 800,000 business VoIP extensions in Australia, and this will rise to over 2.8 million by 2014.
  • VoIIP is the Next Big Thing in the Telecoms sector and smart businesses will capitalise on this.

AcesWebs is a representative for the largest business VOIP provider in Australia. All it takes is one phone call and you could cut your phone bills by at least 50% or more. Contact us to find out how.

Contact me, Ace on:

  • Mobile (Australia): +61 431 321 441
  • Landline: +617 5329 7705
  • Skype: bkkwriter

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