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I like to use various tools to make life on the Internet easier. I have tested out these free tools myself, and I highly recommends them. I will add more tools whenever we find them, so press CTRL-D to Bookmark this page and come back to check often.



KeePass: Password Generator & Secure Storage. Are you tired of forgetting your passwords? Worried that your passwords can be easily cracked? KeePass is the ideal tool to save and generate all your passwords. I’ve used this handy tool on my computers and from my Stick. It’s a great little tool and takes very little space. KeePass

Instant PDF Creator: Creating a PDF file to send documents is fast and easy with this neat little PDF creator tool. Just start the program, add the document to the print queue and Save. Instant PDF file! Click to Download

PDF Reader: Here’s a great PDF file reader with a simple, clean, easy to use interface. Open any PDF file and view. Click to Download

A Better Notepad: Hands up those who are tired of using NOTEPAD, the severely crippled text editor supplied with Windows. Download and try Notepad2. This is what MS should be giving us! Click to Download

Skype:Download this incredibly useful program and call others with Skype installed free! Click to Download

Cross-platform VLC media player: Let’s face it, Windows Media Player sucks! VLC cross-platform media player outperforms WMP, and works on Windows, Linux and Mac. Features include improved H.264 decoding, better Windows Unicode support, a Fullscreen controller and Apple Remote support for Mac OS X. It is a free cross-platform media player, supporting a large number of multimedia formats, without the need for additional codecs. It can also be used as a streaming server, with extended features (video on demand, on the fly transcoding, …) To download VLC for Windows, Linux and Mac. Click here.

Free File Shredder: Security is extremely important, isn’t it? Did you know that when you delete a fill on your hard disk it doesn’t disappear? Windows just turns off the first Byte and marks it deleted, but the file remains on your hard disk until it is overwritten. This can have disastrous results. Erase totally shreds files and overwrites them so that they can never be seen or recovered. If security matters to you, this useful tool will ensure you sleep well at night: Click to Download